Trina (mintytrina) wrote in newcollege_ua,

Encouragement (email from the NC list)

I hope it is ok for me to post this here...I wouldn't see why not.
But it is an email from Dr. Hall (NC director) to encourage attendance to the discussion tomorrow before the potluck.

Please take time out of your day to join us for conversation and dinner
tomorrow evening. Many folks have worked hard to make this a dynamic
and close-knit learning community....It's good to come together and
celebrate that accomplishment.

At 5:00, we have a panel discussion of the play COPENHAGEN in 109 with
faculty from around campus, and 6:00, we have our usual potluck

Semester is near end and it would be great to get caught up with
everyone. A lot of new students have joined the program of late and
its a good opportunity to welcome them and teach them how to survive
around here.

All best, Jim
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