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Volunteer needed to help get kittens/puppies a new home....

I got this email a few days ago and forgot to post it here. Anyway, if some of the NCer's didn't get it, here it is! I wish I could do it but my class schedule won't allow it this semester :-/

Hi y'all,

I am writing to see if you know of someone who might be available during the week to help the puppies and kittens at Metro. You see, Metro has the right to use the adoption room at PetSuppliesPlus. When they first started, they had a wonderful, loving, retired lady who did a "bang up" job of finding homes for the little ones. Since she left (moved, I think), they have had only sporadic help.

I think, as I am sure you do, this adoption room is an absolute GIFT. It can be an invaluable "tool" in finding homes for the puppies and kittens. Just think of the opportunity . . . . people already pre-disposed to loving animals . . . .and they are coming to see these "babies" !!!! Fill the spaces . . . . we MUST find a volunteer !!!!!

The hours of operation are: Monday thru Friday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. I am sure, however, if we could find someone for just 3 days a week, it would wonderful. There are NO large animals, only puppies and kittens.

Please, please ponder this and see if you can think of someone who has just retired, a young person with a light class load . . or someone who needs this as much as the puppies and kittens need them.

Permission to crosspost, widely. If you find someone who might be interested, ask them to call me at 758-3344.

Thank you, in advance, for any help you can offer. .

Suzanne Young, Co-founder/Rescue Coordinator
West Alabama Animal Rescue
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
"Until there are none, adopt one"
A non-profit, tax exempt animal welfare charity
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